mon caillou


아득한 無에서 氣가생기고 그것이 변화되어 형태가 생기고 형태가 변하여  생명이 생기고 다시 사라지는 자연의 순환을 담은 돌 그 순환의 에너지를 담은 돌의 소품을 생활속에 풀어 봅니다

Energy springs into existence from absolute emptiness in space. Following the nature's evolution process, the energy slowly transforms into shape, which ultimately gives rise to life. Life, in turn, disappears and reappears in a constant cycle of the nature's evolution. Stone is the product of this work-in-progress within which densely packed energy lies. mon caillou introduces you to the world of life's energy with stonework that will enrich your living environment.